»Vondom Gartenmöbel

Vondom Gartenmöbel von der Villa Schmidt – Leidenschaft für elegante Looks.

Bei Vondom dreht sich alles ums Aussehen. Man möchte Gartenmöbel schaffen, die eine perfekte Beziehung zur Umgebung eingehen. So entstehen einzigartige Orte, an denen es sich wunderbar innehalten lässt. Genießen Sie die schönste Zeit des Jahres mit erstklassigen Gartenmöbeln. Um den idealen Look zu kreieren, holt man sich renommierte Designer ins Haus. Entdecken Sie unter anderem Entwürfe von Stefano Giovannoni, Karim Rashid, Ramón Esteve und Javier Mariscal. Erkunden Sie hier und jetzt die Vondom Kollektionen und erleben Sie wahre Designkunst.

Zeit für lichte Momente: Erleben Sie erleuchtete Gartenmöbel.
Ein besonderes Merkmal der Marke Vondom ist die Arbeit mit Licht. Viele der Kreationen können wunderbar erstrahlen, wenn Sie sich für die entsprechende Ausführung entscheiden. So entstehen einzigartige Blickfänge. Zum Beispiel die Bartheke der Kollektion Fiesta. Damit wird Ihre Gartenparty zu einem Erlebnis der Extraklasse. Aber auch klassische Sitzmöbel erstrahlen auf fast schon magische Weise. Zum Beispiel Sofa und Sessel der Blow Kollektion. Mit Vondom sind Sie nicht nur bereit für den Sommer unter freiem Himmel. Denn ein besonderes Highlight ist der leuchtende Weihnachtsbaum Chrismy.

Das kann sich sehen lassen: Vondom schmückt die schönsten Orte.
Die stilvollen Gartenmöbel von Vondom sind an besonderen Orten zu Hause. Rund um den Globus – zum Beispiel im Matisse Beach Club in Perth (Australien), im Iniala Beach House in Phuket (Thailand), im Amburam Beach Club in Baku (Aserbaidschan). Lassen Sie die hochwertigen Kreationen auch Ihren Garten oder Ihre Terrasse bereichern. Die Villa Schmidt wünscht viel Freude beim Aussuchen.


Vondom BLOW Collection
The BLOW Collection designed by Stefano Giovannoni sprung from the goal of developing a new line of products in tune with the PILLOW line but with different typology and peculiarities. If the PILLOW cushion is “L” shaped, in its most simple terms, BLOW offers a different twist by extending upwards to create arms. BLOW was inspired by the idea of an inflated cushion, resulting in a traditional type of easy chair and sofa with armrests, but with a new special feature. As with every VONDOM product, its materials allow for use in both indoor and outdoor spaces, being able to bear extreme climates.

Vondom VELA Collection
This extensive outdoor furniture and plantpot collection aims to offer the comfort and the quality of interior furniture without losing it’s original qualities. VELA is a modulate system with an elementary prismatic geometry that bases its singularity in the balance of its proportions. The elements can combine among themselves to integrate into any space. Their precise volumes create the illusion of hovering some centimetres off the floor, and when they are illuminated they are transformed into floating architectures.

Vondom Fiesta Collection
It´s based on entertainment places like those we can enjoy in summer holidays, for example, the beach… The purpose of these entertainment places, along with their beauty and the incessant mobility of their waves, are what inspire the author of the FIESTA bar, with a simple and functional line, modular but also usable as a single piece. A bar like this reminds us the freedom with which we lived the joyful days of our youth, when beaches weren’t covered with people until the last grain of sand, where we could play football without provoking anybody to anger. In fact one of the shapes it can form is the circle, the symbol of pureness, a recall to the ancestral shapes, devoid of useless frills. Nevertheless, a fiesta is not eternal, so what remains us to do is to keep it alive at least within ourselves, if only with the aid of a beautiful bar.

Vondom DOUX collection
DOUX, a collection of different pieces derives directly from freehand sketches: organic, spontaneous, friendly, and colorful. The zoomorphic forms are to engage, to touch, to sit, to enjoy.  Exclusive pieces are manufactured by the rotational molding technique. The versatility & dynamism are the most outstanding features of this collection. One of the peculiarities in this line is the multipurpose nature of the table – when laying down, it fulfills the role of a table which has a hollow that works as a storage space; when standing up, it’s hollow can be used as a flower pot or as a cool ice bucket for champagne, wines etc.

Vondom SABINAS collection
It’s inspired by natural fluid shapes, avoiding  any straight lines or geometry. Its outline hints at sand dunes, at female curves. This collection goes beyond fulfilling a purpose, or use, but poses a special friendship and attachment with its user. As all collections by this author it adheres to a very formal “mariscalish” code.

Vondom SURF collection
The flowing wave that composes the seat and leg rest of SURF alludes to a sense of calm. It is a soft swell in lux, a fluid gesture that changes as the light does. The method of its creator is to replace the World’s canvas for a new well-being that invokes a calmness and casualness, that are driven by vibrant shapes which are refreshing, awakening, and elevating and are metaphors for a new global dynamism.
Vondom PAL collection
This collection maintains a constant flow of similarity between it’s different members, as each object keeps the same minimal iconic shape at the front. The PAL stool is multi-functional –when flipped over it becomes a small side table then placed together with a second becomes an even larger coffee table; It also has a hollow in it’s side which works as a storage space.

Vondom FAZ collection
Ramón Esteve, architect of harmony, serenity, timelessness and universality has created mineral and emphatic shapes that make FAZ a design that contextualizes with homes and installations. An ambience, encircling as a result of the blissful combination of the material and lighting, so that the sole sensation would be its fusion. Their VONDOM spirit is experienced exclusively in the quality of the material that permits an exterior using even in the most exacting environments. The modularity of FAZ permits the consumers to adapt the furniture and flowerpots to their style and needs without losing the harmony of this furniture set. It’s upholstery is available in excellent quality nautical canvas or polyester fabric. The result is a product that transmits essence, that contains the complexity and the density of a work finalized to the extreme degree, the purpose of which is to create desirable places to live. ca vivir.

Vondom FRAME collection
FRAME Collection comes from generating serene and timeless shapes using framework as the elementary geometry. The endless possibilities offered by the material using advanced technology, was the motivation to explore the limits. The FRAME section is flared creating pieces of visual lightness while still definitive and resistant. FRAME meets a wide range of needs in any outdoor space thanks to its variety of pieces. The collection consists of high and low stools, benches, armchairs, a modular sofa, tables of various sizes, chairs and a chaiselongue. The lightness of the pieces as well as the stackable nature of some, such as the chairs and armchairs, make adjustments to their distribution easier and comfortable. Also the chaiselongue, with a reclining backrest, has wheels built into the framework which make moving it easier.

Vondom STONES collection
As its name suggests it appears to be found in nature itself, creating synergism between the natural and the artificial landscape. Stone can fit perfectly into any environment, transmitting its own particular elegance, thanks to its material, as well as its original shape.

Vondom CHRISMY collection
This was inspired by natural and elegant shapes that climb towards its peak with each to-and-fro movement of its silhouette. Its interior lighting creates a truly enveloping atmosphere to enjoy in different spaces. This is a renewed classic, refined in its timeless modernity, and easily adaptable. Pure visual magic is achieved through its logical continuity.

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